Wednesday, February 29

Day 59

Paper beads . . . a new discovery!

Tuesday, February 28

Day 58

A nest built by mud dauber wasps —
just one of a few we've come across outdoors


Monday, February 27

Day 57

Eagle Nest, (also known as Australia Rock to the locals)
Bunurong Marine & Coastal Park —
today it was teeming, so not as fabulous a view as pics taken previously!

Sunday, February 26

Day 56

Pretty in pink, this pelargonium peltatum is putting on a good display
growing in a hanging basket under shelter in the back garden

Saturday, February 25

Day 55

On the inside looking out — way too hot to go outdoors!

Friday, February 24

Day 54

. . . and now for something red!

Thursday, February 23

Day 53

A walk, followed by a swim & a run on the beach — perfect!

Wednesday, February 22

Day 52

Tomatoes popping up everywhere &  . . .
"Who Me?" the green or ripe (doesn't matter) tomato stealing thief is loving that!

Tuesday, February 21

Day 51

Work is underway down at the beach, carting rocks in
to help prevent erosion

Monday, February 20

Day 50

A very respectable Coonawarra —
a sweet & thoughtful gift from a friend

Sunday, February 19

Day 49

Archies on the Creek
where we enjoyed a fabulous lunch to celebrate a very special anniversary!

Saturday, February 18

Day 48

These African violets hadn't put on much of a show over the past couple of years
but a change of position & they're putting on a magnificent display once more

Friday, February 17

Day 47

A gift for a friend!

Thursday, February 16

Day 46

New steps & rails down to the beach

Wednesday, February 15

Day 45

Suffering the effects of time . . .

Tuesday, February 14

Day 44

Avocados (from seed) are finally growing!

Monday, February 13

Day 43

Watched fireworks the other evening & came across this in the Lion's Park today

Sunday, February 12

Day 42

The aeroplane has landed!

Saturday, February 11

Day 41

San Remo Channel Challenge 2012
the challenge begins with a swim of 550 metres starting across the Channel from San Remo (mainland) to Newhaven (Phillip Island.)
The competitors change into their running shoes & then run 2 kilometres back up over the bridge to the San Remo township. 
With over 500 competitors spread out, it's a spectacular sprint to the finish line!

Day 40

The good old Tupperware party!

Day 39

Another bumper crop of zucchinis coming up . . .
looking good so far!

Wednesday, February 8

Day 38

These Tiny Tims will be lucky if they make it to the kitchen table —
a certain dalmation with a fondness for tomatoes (preferably green)
will more than likely get to them first!

Tuesday, February 7

Day 37

It's taken almost three years but the olive tree finally has one fruit!

Sunday, February 5

Day 36

Ongoing drama with TVs with picture breaking up into a bazillion pixels
problem usually occurs after 7pm & lasts for up to a couple of hours
has the antenna installation company stumped & they've being trying different things to try & resolve the issue.

Saturday, February 4

Day 35

A glorious sunset, how spoilt we are with a view like this . . .

Friday, February 3

Day 34

Phillip Island Road, looking across to Newhaven Yacht Squadron

Thursday, February 2

Day 33

Chicken & cashews —
cooked in the Thermomix . . . delicious!

Wednesday, February 1

Day 32

San Remo Cemetery

Project 365

2012 . . .
oh dear, only 78 days,
so that'd be an F?

2011 . . .
neglected after 85 days,
it's another F!

2010 . . .
all done,
it's an A+!

2009 . . .
8 weeks of layouts only,
it's an F for fail!

I live in a beautiful part of the world, with glorious ocean views, kangaroos bounding across the hilltops, assorted wildlife (echidnas, cape barron geese etc), birdlife & reptiles (not all nice . . . tiger snakes & copperheads —eek!)


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