Friday, April 30

dAY 120

A carpet of Nastursiums bordering the roadside


Thursday, April 29

Day 119

Spare Tyres!

Wednesday, April 28

Day 118

Around Rhyll . . .

Tuesday, April 27

Day 117

It's a tight rein on the leash every time we walk past the sheep in the top paddock . . .
Tia would love to get amongst this lot!

Monday, April 26

Day 116

Just one footprint in the sand . . .

Sunday, April 25

Day 115

On the inside, looking out . . .
Mugsly poised to leap from a great height!

Saturday, April 24

Day 114

Giant mushies have begun popping up in the back lawn . . .
& the worms & a certain spotted dog have wasted no time in picking over them!

Friday, April 23

Day 113

Heliconia & Twisted Willow

Thursday, April 22

Day 112

At 5pm & the first rumblings of thunder could be heard . . .
a couple of flashes of lightning & 30 minutes later, just an eerie quietness.

Wednesday, April 21

Day 111

The bridge linking Phillip Island to the mainland

Tuesday, April 20

Day 110

This cowbell is taking a beating from the elements too!

Monday, April 19

Day 109

The rustic look, achieved almost overnight . . .
a side effect of living on the coast!

Sunday, April 18

Day 108

One of my neighbours pops in with a bunch of lovely proteas every couple of weeks . . .
we've just planted a Sir Lancelot, but it will be quite a while before it produces anything like this.

Saturday, April 17

day 107

The results speak for themselves!
A miserable failure for the effort put in growing baby carrots.

Friday, April 16

Day 106

Whoever started the rock piling started something . . .
New stacks are appearing every day — the MOTH has added his!

Thursday, April 15

Day 105


Wednesday, April 14

Day 104

Spotted this old donkey whilst driving along Glen Forbes Road

Tuesday, April 13

Day 103

. . . and now for something red!

Monday, April 12

Day 102

This fuschia is really battling wind & salt conditions . . .
a cutting from our last garden, I'm pleased it's hanging in there still!

Sunday, April 11

Day 101

Saturday, April 10

Day 100

It's a one off for the 100th post!
Cartoon drawn by WEG.
An iconic football cartoonist, William Ellis Green died in 2008, aged 85 years.

Friday, April 9

Day 99

Forrest Cave, Phillip Island
Millions of years ago ash exploded from nearby volcanic vents.
The ash settled & formed a soft layer of red rock known as tuff.
Over time the force of the ocean & strong winds have carved out the forrest cave structures.
Some of the caves have partialy collapsed,
but the formations are still over three metres high.

Thursday, April 8

Day 98

The race begins here . . .
once inside the gate, the lead is removed & Tia is off!

Wednesday, April 7

Day 97

A beautiful bunch of flowers from DH helped to brighten my day

Tuesday, April 6

Day 96

April 6, 2010 - aged 11 years, 11 months
Our DD's dog, he was the sweetest boy with the sweetest nature
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." 
(Anatole France) 

Monday, April 5

Day 95

Some serious chomping required here!

Sunday, April 4

Day 94

Top shelf . . .
A small selection from our collection of books handed down through the years.
These ones were given as school award prizes to various family members c1880s.

Saturday, April 3

Day 93

My Junque Journal . . . a work in progress!

Friday, April 2

Day 92

Collecting for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal
The San Remo CFA truck sounds the siren as it drives up & down each street,
announcing the arrival of the charity collectors who follow behind on foot.

Thursday, April 1

Day 91

The Esplanade, Cowes

Project 365

2012 . . .
oh dear, only 78 days,
so that'd be an F?

2011 . . .
neglected after 85 days,
it's another F!

2010 . . .
all done,
it's an A+!

2009 . . .
8 weeks of layouts only,
it's an F for fail!

I live in a beautiful part of the world, with glorious ocean views, kangaroos bounding across the hilltops, assorted wildlife (echidnas, cape barron geese etc), birdlife & reptiles (not all nice . . . tiger snakes & copperheads —eek!)


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