Sunday, February 28

Day 59

To toss or not to toss?
No longer needed for work so will use it somewhere in my AJC project!

Saturday, February 27

Day 58

From the foreshore, San Remo
The bridge linking the mainland to Phillip Island

Friday, February 26

Day 57

Monument to local fishermen, San Remo
Inscription on opposite side reads:-
This cairn is a monument dedicated to local fishermen from this port
who have paid the ultimate price
and lost their lives in pursuit of their livelihood.

Down to the sea
in ships they go
these chosen men of steel,
though mist & foam
and North West wind
is founding at the keel

So sail they must
each crispy morn
away from trees & sod,
the sea may own
their wind burned flesh,
but their souls
belong to God.

Thursday, February 25

Day 56

 Clever, funny & bent . . . my current favourite coffee table book!

Wednesday, February 24

Day 55

Not happy Jan!
Desi turned feral & I didn't have a lot of options — either get the first bite in or run for my life!

Tuesday, February 23

Day 54

  Washed up or just left behind? 

Monday, February 22

Day 53

Pelican feeding . . .
The pelicans are fed daily at 11.30am on the foreshore by the staff from the San Remo Fisherman's Co-Op.

Sunday, February 21

Day 52

Eek . . . ! 

Saturday, February 20

Day 51

Clock Makeover . . .
 Once I stripped the clock fittings & removed the glass & hinges from the door I gave it a light sanding prior to painting & distressing.
Decided it needed a shelf so made one from MDF (2 pieces of 3mmm glued together.) Now hanging upside down on the main bathroom wall —
just need to find the right accessories to display in it; until I do, essential oils & burner it is!

Day 50


Thursday, February 18

Day 49

Time to do some more planting . . .

Wednesday, February 17

Day 48

Blackberries . . . yummy!
Came across these on our walk today — although a bit on the small side, there's plenty for the picking.

Tuesday, February 16

Day 47

San Remo Back Beach

Monday, February 15

Day 46

Not your average zucchini!
 Each day we're surprised by the size & quantity of zucchinis growing in the vegetable garden.
Some have been considerably bigger than this one & have been equally as good
as the more regular sized ones.
Jars of relish, slices, muffins, bread, give aways . . . we've been well rewarded from our first zucchini planting.

Sunday, February 14

Day 45

Old cotton reels from my small collection

Saturday, February 13

Day 44

Multiplying every few days . . . 
The first one appeared Jan 10 (see day 10)
Within hours they go from tightly capped to open umbrellas — still trying to discover what they are!

edited:- after further research pretty sure it's a common "pot plant" fungus, Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, seen in house plants and greenhouses (organically rich soil & warm temp.)

Friday, February 12

Day 43

In the vicinity of Glen Forbes

Thursday, February 11

Day 42

Praying Mantis

Wednesday, February 10

Day 41

Sea fog rolls in!
Top: from the north facing deck . . . just the hint of a drift
Middle: from the south facing deck . . fast moving
Bottom: same deck, facing west . . . pea soup!

Tuesday, February 9

Day 40

Back Beach, San Remo
At 7, seeing a large break in the land, we stood in for it and found a strong outset of tide.
Many shoals were breaking in different parts of the entrance, so that we could not then see
where the channel was. I therefore landed to look for it, and found we were at the back of a long spit which we would not now round, as the tide of flood was beginning to make in strong; we therefore waited until high water, and then crossed the spit and entered a very extensive harbour.
Surgeon George Bass (journal extract)

Monday, February 8

Day 39

Washed up or left behind?

Sunday, February 7

Day 38

Egyptian bottle collection

Saturday, February 6

Day 37

Too many to count!
wasps were swarming everywhere in the tub of mint which has begun running up to seed.

Friday, February 5

Day 36

Topsy turvey! 
This tomatoberry (a new strain, berry shaped) is finally producing some fruit.
I wanted to try the upside down growing method but didn't want to invest in one of those plastic bag hangers that one sees everywhere on the internet.
Instead I planted up a hanging basket with basil (thinking it would be a perfect companion) but it hasn't taken off.

Thursday, February 4

Day 35

Roadworks . . .
Stuck in the thick of it!

Wednesday, February 3

Day 34

Looking back across to Newhaven
from Phillip Island Road

Tuesday, February 2

Day 33

Old Kilcunda Railway Bridge
Built in 1910 the rustic trestle bridge over Bourne Creek offers a spectacular vantage point,
with views of the surf beach & to the hilly inland grazing areas.

Monday, February 1

Day 32

Exciting News!
Another precious little bundle due in June.

Project 365

2012 . . .
oh dear, only 78 days,
so that'd be an F?

2011 . . .
neglected after 85 days,
it's another F!

2010 . . .
all done,
it's an A+!

2009 . . .
8 weeks of layouts only,
it's an F for fail!

I live in a beautiful part of the world, with glorious ocean views, kangaroos bounding across the hilltops, assorted wildlife (echidnas, cape barron geese etc), birdlife & reptiles (not all nice . . . tiger snakes & copperheads —eek!)


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