Monday, May 31

Day 151

Our walk today via the foot path along the top of the cliffs, brought us to "Foots" Look Out

Sunday, May 30

Day 150

Kangaroos number among regular visitors . . .
We get to witness boxing challenges taking place on the topline quite often.
On occasion they venture down as far as the dam at the end of the street, about 180 metres from the front of our house.
This photo was taken from our top deck, at a distance of approx 450 metres.

Saturday, May 29

Day 149

Caught on the run!

Friday, May 28

Day 148

Lillies flourish amongst the weeds in an old & crumbling gravesite

Thursday, May 27

Day 147

In the garden . . . Banksia Giant Candle (prostrate)

Wednesday, May 26

Day 146

Had an idea to embellish with mini digi layouts & bling . . .
five years later & it's still no closer to happening!

Tuesday, May 25

Day 145

Taking a different route

Monday, May 24

Day 144

Another unusual (to us) looking mushroom, this time in the cemetery grounds!

Sunday, May 23

Day 143

Spied these sculptures in my travels . . .

Saturday, May 22

Day 142

Plentiful wildlife . . .

Friday, May 21

Day 141

Just one or two galahs here!

Thursday, May 20

Day 140

Amanita Muscaria
This red spotted mushroom has a bright red cap with white spots — poisonous, but very beautiful

Wednesday, May 19

Dy 139

A perfect day for surfing at Cape Woolamai
within minutes of taking this shot several more surfers took to the waves in addition to some big jet skis 

Tuesday, May 18

Day 138

Exactly how old is this white cockatoo?
Chatting with the elderly owner I learned that this very talkative bird had flown into his garden
over 20 years ago.

Monday, May 17

Day 137

I was born in 1928 in Recklinghausen Germany. I am unique in that I was actually made by an engineer with a clock making background, rather than a clockmaker. With my big 100 kg weights and my pendulum weighing 70 kg I am the only one of my type in the world. I was originally a tower clock in Germany and survived the bombs of World War II (1940-1945). The small red clock face you can see was originally used on my master control. This was used to adjust the time and hands on the North, South, East and West clock faces situated 5 stories above in the tower. Having this master control saved the poor old priest climbing 5 stories of steps to reach the top of the tower to change the hands on each face. Each clock face was huge — approximately 5 meters across . . . A BIT BIG TO FIT INTO THIS SHOP HERE.
well, after surviving World War II, I was rescued by a renown clockmaker/antique dealer and taken to the Netherlands. Here I lived peacefully for almost 50 years in the second storey of his dining room. In 1993, Gerard embarked me on a journey Down Under. This was on a big ship that took almost a year. I was off loaded in a place they call Singapore and lost for a while, however I was found and ended up in Wonthaggi.
I am now enjoying my new home and looking forward to becoming a local.
(information as displayed alongside this wonderful clock in the jewellers at Wonthaggi)

Sunday, May 16

Day 136


Saturday, May 15

Day 135

Old engine . . .

Friday, May 14

Day 134

Venus Bay, decidely cold & bleak . . .
just moments before the skies opened up & rain bucketed down!

Thursday, May 13

Day 133

Zygo cactus, a blaze of colour

Wednesday, May 12

Day 132

King of the Castle . . .
spied this Cape Baron goose atop of this giant tree trunk just out of Cowes

Tuesday, May 11

Day 131

Another birdhouse or two!

Monday, May 10

Dat 130

Toadstools on the roadside . . .

Sunday, May 9

Day 129

Mother's Day treat . . .
Made by DD, this scrumptious chocolate cake with chilli chocolate leaves
was somewhere between a sponge & mudcake

Saturday, May 8

Day 128

A large mob of kangaroos stopped grazing when they sensed we were nearby

Day 127

Coming across this swing brought back memories!

Thursday, May 6

Day 126

Foraging for dinner . . .

Wednesday, May 5

Day 125

The daily trek . . .
Ibis wander down the road, in & out of gardens today a white faced heron joined in on the walk
& bringing up the rear (just out of view) were a couple of magpies & another two ibis

Tuesday, May 4

Day 124

On the lookout specifically for koalas . . .
as I was walking along the roadside at Tarwin Lower I spied instead a kookaburra

Monday, May 3

Day 123

Waiting, waiting . . .

Sunday, May 2

Day 122

Small Stuff — a peek into my mini life . . .
 This scene is c1976 & was made for a club project "100 Years of a Rocking Chair."
I made every item here apart from the doll (body parts) brass tap & metal watering can.

Saturday, May 1

Day 121

The fisherman . . .

Project 365

2012 . . .
oh dear, only 78 days,
so that'd be an F?

2011 . . .
neglected after 85 days,
it's another F!

2010 . . .
all done,
it's an A+!

2009 . . .
8 weeks of layouts only,
it's an F for fail!

I live in a beautiful part of the world, with glorious ocean views, kangaroos bounding across the hilltops, assorted wildlife (echidnas, cape barron geese etc), birdlife & reptiles (not all nice . . . tiger snakes & copperheads —eek!)


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